Berkeley Minors (2024)

1. Minors | L&S Advising

  • Majors & Minors · Explore Majors & Minors · Declare or Change a Major

  • Minors are concentrations of study, similar to majors, but require fewer courses and therefore represent less depth than a full major. Not all majors have a corresponding minor (e.g. we have an Economics major, but no Economics minor) and minors exist that do not have a corresponding major (e.g. we have a Creative Writing minor, but no Creative Writing major). It is therefore useful to explore the Academic Guide’s Degree Programs page thoroughly to review all of your options. 

2. [PDF] MAJORS & MINORS - Office of Undergraduate Admissions

  • MAJORS & MINORS. OFFICE OF UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS. To learn more about UC. Berkeley's majors, scan the code below or visit: *Majors ...

3. Business and Data Analytics| Minor | Hogeschool Saxion

4. UC Berkeley Majors - College Advisor

  • You can earn two UC Berkeley minors, public policy and education, through the School of Public Policy and the Graduate School of Education. Other graduate ...

  • Curious about UC Berkeley majors? Check out our expert guide to the University of California Berkeley majors today for the latest info!

5. Majors/Minors - College Project University of California at Berkeley

  • Majors & Degrees · Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General · African-American/Black Studies · Agricultural Economics · Agricultural Engineering · Agriculture, ...

  • Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General     African-American/Black Studies      Agricultural Economics        Agricultural Engineering          Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and...

6. Business and Data Analytics (USA) - Kies op maat

  • The minor includes a studytrip to the US, to the University of California, Berkeley. During the minor you get the unique opportunity to collect and apply state ...

  • Omschrijving

7. Employment of Minors and Near Relatives - RPM

  • Purpose. This policy provides information regarding the employment of minors and near relatives at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). B.

  • Title:

8. Mary Berkeley Minor Blackford (1802–1896) - Encyclopedia Virginia

  • Mary Berkeley Minor Blackford (1802–1896). SUMMARY. Mary Berkeley Minor Blackford was an antislavery leader who founded a female auxiliary of the American ...

  • Early Years Lucy Landon Carter Minor and Daughter Mary Blackford was born on December 2, 1802, in Fredericksburg, the only daughter and second or third of eight children of John Minor and his second wife, Lucy Landon Carter Minor. John Minor died when his daughter was thirteen, and she remained very close to her mother for the rest of her mother’s long life. Read more about: Mary Berkeley Minor Blackford (1802–1896)

9. Vinca Minor Wine

  • Natural wines made with love in Berkeley California // Keep in touch. Subscribe to receive updates, access to exclusive deals, and ...

  • Natural Wines from Northern California. Soil, Grape and Sun.

Berkeley Minors (2024)
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