Elevate Your Bathroom Décor with These Top 10 Paper Towel Holder Brands (2024)

In the bathroom, the little things make a big difference. We’re talking about often-overlooked accessories like the humble paper towel holder. Who knew there were so many options to upgrade this utilitarian necessity into a decorative showpiece that also optimizes function? The right holder keeps towels handy and tidy, avoiding fallen rolls or messy countertops.

With a surprising range of high design looks, mounts, and smart features now available from various manufacturers specializing in bath hardware and organization tools, it’s worth exploring an upgrade.


Bathroom Paper Towel Holder Brands – Top 10 Picks

Let’s spotlight ten top names leading the way in elevated, yet eminently practical paper towel holders.

1. Вангель

As our top pick for bathroom paper towel holders, Wangel Group sets the standard for sustainable materials and durable construction. Their Grace collection featured earlier captures the natural beauty of renewable moso bamboo. But Wangel offers much more.

Take the sleek, wall-mounted GJA21010-15SBS aluminum paper holder. With a matte finish and minimalist curved shape, it provides an airy yet substantial 155mm wide stainless steel shelf to neatly store folded towels or toiletries. The easy install mounts securely without damaging walls.

For a touch of understated elegance beside the toilet, Wangel’s PH33-S17MB bathroom tissue paper holder features a handy integrated shelf for stashing extra rolls or flushable wipes. Crafted from stain- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel with matte black finish, it dimensionally matches other Wangel accessories like brushed nickel towel bars and trays.

2. OXO

Known for smart housewares engineered for easy living, OXO makes it simple to keep paper towels at the ready. Take their stainless steel Steady Paper Towel Holder with weighted, non-skid base—an ideal solution for busy kitchens and baths.

The Steady’s spring-loaded, silicone arm adjusts tension to prevent unraveling. Meanwhile, a sturdy steel plate and rubber feet maximize stability on counters and prevent sliding around. With dual perforated arms to support standard or oversized rolls, this thoughtfully-designed model checks all the boxes.

3. iDesign

With an emphasis on variety, affordability and coordination, iDesign offers a versatile range of towel bars, rings and holders to match any bath decor. Mix and match finishes like matte black, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze across their Twigz, York, Axis and other well-designed collections.

Spring-loaded holders flip up for easy paper loading, then keep rolls securely in place. The weighted Twigz freestanding model has curved wood composite branches for a modern, nature-inspired look. Those wanting to mount holders have countless options – bar, ring and cabinet styles with peel-and-stick adhesive options for renter-friendly installation.

4. Simplehuman

Renowned for sleek tools designed around how people actually live, Simplehuman makes paper towel storage smarter. Their tension-arm holder and integrated soap pump dispenser combo keeps counters clutter-free.

The one-handed operation makes tearing off sheets easy. Meanwhile, the stable weighted base and adjustable rod fits rolls up to 13 inches diameter. For hands-free drying, a touch-free sensor version activates towel dispensing with just a wave of the hand. And the durable stainless steel construction looks great for years while resisting fingerprints.


As a leading bath accessory manufacturer, IKEA accentuates style in the details with their towel bars, rings and holders. The BALUNGEN Collection’s oval towel ring for example, magnetic fitting that allows for easy and quick changing of the toilet paper roll.

Another option is the TISKEN toilet paper holder, which uses suction cups to attach securely to smooth surfaces like tiles or glass. In addition to handsome chrome and brushed nickel looks, many IKEA bathroom toilet paper holder models also come in oil-rubbed bronze and matte black to align with other fixtures for a cohesive, designer touch.

6. Lowe’s

Lowe’s offers a wide selection of toilet paper holders for your bathroom, ranging from single post chrome designs to wall-mounted options. Popular collections offer screw-free towel rings, bars and holders perfect for renters or those wanting to avoid wall damage.

You can find Lowes bathroom toilet paper holder models that accommodate jumbo or mega-sized rolls for added convenience.Some models even include a built-in shelf for extra storage space. Choose polished, brushed or oil-rubbed bronze looks.

7. Delta

Those wanting to infuse bathrooms[1] with modern simplicity turn to Delta. Delta bathroom toilet paper holder features a sleek, single post design available in polished chrome, champagne bronze, and matte black finishes to complement any décor.

With rounded edges and a brushed, fingerprint-proof finish, these discrete rings and bars fit cleanly into crisp, contemporary spaces. Easy screw-mounting makes installing the 9-inch rails with built-in curves for holding towels a breeze. It’s an elegant solution for modest budgets.

8. NearMoon

Demanding commercial applications like gyms and spas turn to NearMoon’s rugged, hand-polished stainless steel towel bars and rings. These hefty holders coordinate beautifully with other NearMoon bath hardware, featuring the same brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Raised decorative accents on the oval-shaped rings and bars add a level of crafted detail. Combined with the thicker 1/2-inch stock and threaded posts, it’s elegant yet durable storage that withstands busy public facilities. This Made-in-India line represents smarter long-term value with its 10-15 year lifespan.

9. Kohler

Minimalists admire Kohler for their rigorously edited bath accessories in black powder-coated stainless steel. Pieces like the Occasion holder distill essential function into clean, architectural forms.

Their Modern line features a minimalist design with slim, restrained lines and elegantly flared shapes. Custom silicone pads prevent sliding and counter damage while lending a soft touch. With Kohler bathroom toilet paper holder, even everyday paper storage achieves sculptural poise.

10. Walmart

For those wanting to infuse more playful personality into bath storage, Walmart carries artisan-made ceramic, wood and metal holders. Their affordable and practical model for example, adds a bit of garden cheer beside sinks.

For added convenience, Walmart carries freestanding toilet paper holder stands that can store multiple rolls. Some Walmart bathroom toilet paper holder models even include built-in shelves for extra storage space.


When choosing holders, don’t overlook a chance to express personal style. From eco-friendly bamboo designs to sleek contemporary statement pieces, today’s options let you upgrade functionality with any look.

For sustainable warmth with high design, check out Вангеля collection. Their spring-loaded holder tidily organizes essential paper towels while caring for the planet – and your decor.

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Elevate Your Bathroom Décor with These Top 10 Paper Towel Holder Brands (2024)
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