Inside van Gerwen's car collection, from a £250K Rolls-Royce to a £120k BMW (2024)

MICHAEL VAN GERWEN will be hoping to go one better at the Paddy Power World Darts Championships this year and secure a FOURTH world title.

Last time out, MVG lost to Michael Smith in an epic final.



An epic nine-darter from Bully Boy provided one of the most exciting legs we've ever seen at Alexandra Palace - with Van Gerwen missing out on a double 12 before Smith could clean up.

Still, Van gerwen has amassed an incredible wealth during his time at the oche.

It is believed the Dutchman has a net worth of £5.3million.

And he has splashed some of his cash on flashy motors, including a Rolls-Royce Ghost worth £250,000.

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Inside van Gerwen's car collection, from a £250K Rolls-Royce to a £120k BMW (3)
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Inside van Gerwen's car collection, from a £250K Rolls-Royce to a £120k BMW (4)
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SunSport takes a look through Van gerwen's stunning garage.

Vauxhall Astra, £25,000

Michael's first car, before he really made his millions was a Vauxhall Astra.

Not the flashiest, it got MVG from A to B.

It's not known what year he had the car from and till.

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Current specs, though, haven't changed too much. It would have done a top speed of around 130 mph.

Audi S4, £50,000

When the money started rolling in for MVG, he got himself a fancy motor.

The then family man went for a sturdy Audi S4, which with add-ons included could surpass £50,000

Quite zippy, it's able to reach 0-62 mph in around 4.7 seconds.

It boasts a a 2.7-litre twinturbocharged V6 engine.


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Inside van Gerwen's car collection, from a £250K Rolls-Royce to a £120k BMW (10)

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Rolls-Royce Ghost, £250,000

MVG treated himself in 2020 to his dream car and a 'once in a lifetime' moment.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is the ultimate luxury motor, capable of reaching 155 mph.

It can do 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds.

"It was once in a lifetime. Normally you don't drive a Rolls but now it is ticked off your bucket list all at once. I think it is beautiful, fun and very comfortable," MVG told Darts News.


BMW 7 series, from £70,000

Thanks to a sponsorship deal with the German manufacturer, MVG has his pick of the best Beamers you can buy.

He's a fan of the 7 series, adding this stunner to his garage in 2021.

Another luxury and comfortable saloon, it's well worth its price of £70,000.

He took to Instagram to show off his new wheels, delighted with his purchase.

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BMW 750 Li, £105,000

Before he became a Rolls-Royce owner, van Gerwen drove a very posh 750 iL.

In 2019, he unveiled his new motor on social media with a red bow on it.

The 750 Li is one of BMW's most exquisite motors, hence the hefty price tag.

It once featured in a Bond film, driven by Piers Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies.


BMW X6 M50i, from £76,000

Van Gerwen's first foray into the SUV world came in February this year, when he acquired a stunning X6 M50i.

The large sporty coupe has a powerful engine and luxury comfort inside.

TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder combustion engine with 298 hp.

It's the perfect family car for van Gerwen's brood.


Lorry, TBC

Van Gerwen has revealed he plans to buy a LORRY if he should win a spectacular fourth world title at Ally Pally this year.

Although the truck has not yet been decided upon and depends on success in London, Van Gerwen said: "I’m going to treat myself to a lorry [if I win].

"It’s not just about treating yourself, it’s about how to perform well and giving yourself the ability to win that trophy and everything that comes with it.


Inside van Gerwen's car collection, from a £250K Rolls-Royce to a £120k BMW (19)
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Inside van Gerwen's car collection, from a £250K Rolls-Royce to a £120k BMW (20)
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"I don’t fancy a Ferrari, they are too small for me. I have been sitting in a Lamborghini before and I don’t like it. Not for me.

"But first you have to win, I don’t deserve it at the moment."

Inside van Gerwen's car collection, from a £250K Rolls-Royce to a £120k BMW (2024)
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