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Amy Cotler


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Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden delights in the wondrous discoveries of lonely Mary Lennox as she slowly helps bring an abandoned garden back to life. It also delights in good food and a robust appetite, and the health and strength they can bring. Written at a time when many children were going hungry and even starving, Burnett's beloved story celebrates the magic of fresh air, new milk, homemade currant buns, and hearty, simple fare. Inside the pages of this cookbook are recipes for Mary's favorite foods, in and out of the garden, from porridge to roasted potatoes and eggs, all inspired by The Secret Garden and all adapted by chef and culinary historian Amy Cotler from traditional Victorian recipes. Ms. Cotler has supplemented these simple, wholesome recipes with fascinating tidbits on Victorian foods and Victorian eating customs. The result is a scrumptious tribute to Burnett's classic novel, a fascinating glimpse into the cooking customs of a historical period that is now long past, and a step-by-step guide to making delicious, tasty treats to enjoy in your own secret garden.

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128 pages, Hardcover

First published April 30, 1999

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Amy Cotler


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February 11, 2020

Now indeed, with The Secret Garden Cookbook: Inspiring Recipes from the Magical World of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden author Amy Cotler presents a totally delightful and also simply and utterly perfect gem of a literary cookbook.

For yes and in my in this case actually not so humble opinion,

The Secret Garden Cookbook: Inspiring Recipes from the Magical World of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden truly is an absolutely fascinating and wonderful tome, featuring not only over forty traditionally Yorkshire (and indeed also all totally scrumptious looking) recipes and which incarnations are indeed generally located right smack within the pages of The Secret Garden (such as for example the porridge that Mary Lennox refuses to eat when she first arrives at Misselthwaite Manor or the out of doors cooked eggs and potatoes with which Dickon temps Mary and Colin in the secret garden when their appetites have returned but they still want to keep this a secret from Mrs. Medlock until Colin in strong enough to surprise his father) but also and for academic inclined I including both a wonderful and enlightening introduction on how food and its own magic and sense of nourishment play such an important role for Frances Hodgson Burnett in her The Secret Garden as well as enlightening details on English (and of course by this also mostly Yorkshire) culinary history (and all of this embellished and graced by quotes from The Secret Garden and yes indeed, very much appreciatively, also with many photographs of the end products of the featured recipes).

And of course and naturally, with my total and heartfelt delight with and in both Amy Cotler’s printed words and her presented recipes as well as considering that I have always wanted to own a cookbook of Yorkshire recipes (not to mention that

The Secret Garden is and remains one of my absolutely favourite novels of all time), there is indeed no way that I would and could rank The Secret Garden Cookbook: Inspiring Recipes from the Magical World of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden with anything less than five glowing stars and to highly and warmly, smilingly recommend it.

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February 4, 2020

Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing another cookbook by Amy Cotler, The Little Women Cookbook. This series of cookbooks is based on recipes and foods that the characters of these books might have eaten or that the book mentioned. The Little Women Cookbook was a finalist in the Goodreads' Choice Awards for 2019. Now we have The Secret Garden Cookbook full of new and delicious recipes to try - and try them I did!!

I've been baking "biscuits" since I was a tiny girl - young, not skinny, I've never been skinny. These, however, are far and away the best that I've ever made or eaten!! Okay, so their official name is "Savory Muffins Spiked with Cheese," but I call them AMAZING. If you live in the US and have eaten the Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits then you will love this recipe! I've tried every "knock off" recipe on Pinterest and they all failed. We baked these and TADA - the best cheddar cheese biscuit - ever!

There are recipes for a Proper Pot of English Tea, Cucumber Sandwiches for your garden party and so many puddings among them Sticky Toffee Pudding and Yorkshire pudding. Some of you may bake these on a regular basis but just try finding a good recipes for these here in the US. It can't be done! My favorite, however, was The Best Sticky Gingerbread Parkin! My friends, you have not tasted a proper gingered bread until you have tasted this! It is was to die for and absolutely perfect for cold winter nights!

There are simply too many recipes to name them all but I can assure you, as someone who owns a Bed and Breakfast, this is a must own cookbook for those who love to bake as well as anyone who loves The Secret Garden!

You can see photos and more reviews on my blog:

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Rebecca Reviews

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January 19, 2020

Amy Cotler’s The Secret Garden Cookbook is a charming themed cookbook filled with easy and yummy recipes. The book’s lovely layout is great and I love the well-written historical and cultural information about the Victorian era. I like the full-colour pictures but I wish there were more and that they were more relevant to the theme.

What a fun cookbook! The book is divided into seven chapters: Yorkshire Breakfasts, A Manor Lunch, An English Tea, From the Kitchen Garden, Dickon’s Cottage Food, A Taste of India, and Garden Picnics. I love the variety of dishes! There are recipes for dinner, breakfast, drinks, snacks, condiments, lunch, and teatime. Cotler shows us how to make currant buns and fruit lassi as well as a proper pot of tea. I cannot wait to try making brandy snap lace cookies, bacon and cilantro pancakes, and Yorkshire pudding! The recipes are clearly written and feature familiar and accessible ingredients. I especially like that the dishes seem easy and that they do not feature an extensive ingredient list.

The cute page designs are fun and colourful. But, I really wish they had featured throughout. I like the beautiful and bright full-colour pictures but they are a little generic. They are also very modern and seem as if they could belong to any contemporary cookbook. I wish the pictures were more interesting and more relevant to the theme. Furthermore, a few more pictures of the dishes would really enhance this book.

I love the little snippets from The Secret Garden book that are included throughout. I loved reading about the culture and food of Victorian England. It is especially fascinating to learn about the eating habits and daily activities of the rich and poor people of that era. Cotler’s writing is presented in a brief, easy-to-read, and interesting format. Her style is so simple and approachable that I learned a lot of information very quickly and without feeling overwhelmed.

The Secret Garden Cookbook is a wonderful recipe collection. This is a perfect gift for fans of The Secret Garden, those who love literary cookbooks, or simply anyone who loves food! I love literary cookbooks and I cannot wait to get my own copy of this lovely collection!

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Harvard Common Press for this book in exchange for an honest review.

💮💮💮💮 ½ flowers out of 5!

Miranda Reads

1,589 reviews161k followers

May 14, 2021

4.5 stars

full review to come



1,913 reviews563 followers

November 21, 2019

I absolutely love bookish cookbooks! They make me happy in my heart. :) The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is one of my favorite classic children's books. I've loved the story of a sad little girl discovering a hidden, overgrown garden and bringing it back to life since I was a little girl myself. So, of course, I jumped at the chance to review the new edition of this cookbook!

This book is definitely going into my collection of bookish cookbooks! Each section of the book has a bit about the Victorian traditions regarding food, serving food, and cooking meals. Each recipe is accompanied by a bit of background, color photographs and illustrations, and a concise, easy to follow, recipe. The layout is easily readable, and visually appealing. The recipes are varied, ranging from main courses to tea and lighter fare such as cucumber sandwiches. It also includes some dishes from India and picnic foods.

Lovely cookbook! And definitely an awesome companion for a much beloved classic book!

**I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book from Quarto Publishing via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own**



2,684 reviews136 followers

January 11, 2020

NetGalley ARC.

Truth: I've never read The Secret Garden. *gasp* I KNOW. Crazy. I have seen the movie. Or one of them. Not the newest one. One that was made in the 1990's, I think. So I do know the gist. And this was a fun cookbook, much like the The Little Women Cookbook: Tempting Recipes from the March Sisters and Their Friends and Family I read and reviewed last year. These cookbooks are good for fans of those books or just for fans of cooking old-fashioned recipes. I liked a few of the recipes in this book and the little snippets about The Secret Garden and the quotes from the book made me want to read it so I will have to add it to this year's reading list!

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Miranda Reads

1,589 reviews161k followers

March 17, 2021

3.5 stars

full review to come



1,570 reviews391 followers

November 24, 2019

I read Francis Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden after my mother told me she had read it as a girl, and that her mother had read it as a girl. It was the only book my mother ever mentioned having read as a child.

The beloved children's classic story tells the story of Mary Lennox who had lived a life of ease in India; after cholera takes her family, she is sent to live in England. Adjusting to her new life, the lonely girl meets local boy Dickson and together they discover and revive a neglected garden. Although rife with dated colonialist and racist attitudes, the basic story of regeneration is timeless.

Food plays an important role in the book, and cookbook author Amy Colter shares recipes inspired by the story, newly revised and updated to appear with the release of the new The Secret Garden movie. Quotations from the novel regarding food are interspersed.

Colter's chapter introductions informs readers on many subjects from the typical Victorian meals to what was in a kitchen garden to the history of tea.

So many of these recipes are homely and wholesome and nostalgic.

Chapters include:

Yorkshire Breakfasts; Coddled Eggs are so simple--why don't we made them every week? I do make my own cocoa mix--this recipe has a dash of cinnamon!
A Manor Lunch; this casual meal could include Potato Snow, Roasted Chicken with Bread Sauce, or Welsh Rabbit.
An English Tea; I am now dreaming of Warm Cranberry Scones with Orange Glaze and Fruit Tea Loaf!
From the Kitchen Garden; Wholesome fresh food including Sweet Glazed Carrots and easy Summer Berry Pudding.
Dickon's Cottage Food; Tattie Broth, Pease Pudding, Yorkshire Oatcakes--this is my idea of comfort food!
A Taste of India; Exotic recipes from Colonial India includes Fruit Lassi, Mulligatawny Soup (which I make frequently!), and Fresh Magno Chutney.
Garden Picnics; Including the easy to transport Cornish Pasties, brought to my home state of Michigan by immigrants working in the copper mines--a complete meal.
This is a delightful book.

I was given access to a free egalley by the publisher through NetGalley. My review is fair and unbiased.



922 reviews25 followers

February 3, 2020

I've always appreciated it when an author mentions food in their books especially when it finds its way scattered throughout a read, taking pleasure in imagining not only what the food looks like but how it would taste as well. The Secret Garden has always been a favored classic for me so I was excited to see what all a cookbook about this magical read would include. I soon found myself immersed in this delightful cookbook, filled with the foods I've found myself imaging every time I peruse it. The wonderful thing about this compilation of recipes is it gives me the chance to bring those wonderful pleasures to life. For people who enjoy the written word as well as having a love for cooking/baking this is a definite must read for you. It brings to life the book that so many enjoy and have fallen in love with but through the language of food. There were so many recipes that I wanted to try so I picked out a handful of my favorites. I've heard of Crumpets before but have never actually had one so I new it was a must to try and I can say it turned out well and tasted delicious. I look forward to making them in the future. Currant Buns were another this g I was familiar with but had never tried, this recipe is a new favorite for me, I've actually made it several times since reading the book. You'll soon want to have a tea party of your own so you can bring some wonderful creations to life. This lovely read not only taught me some new things but kept the original book in my mind throughout. It definitely added to my experience of The Secret Garden.

1,209 reviews1,606 followers

January 28, 2020

Full Review on The Candid Cover

4.5 Stars

The Secret Garden Cookbook by Amy Cotler is such a fun companion to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. There are so many unique and interesting recipe ideas that are all connected to the classic children’s story. The book is so much more than a book of recipes, as it contains historical facts, quotes from the story, and beautiful images.

Recipe books that are based off of my all-time favourite childhood stories are quickly becoming some of my most treasured books. The Secret Garden Cookbook is one that really immerses you into the world of Mary and Dickson. There are so many descriptions of food in the novel that this book really pulls the themes and the ideas behind Frances Hodgson Burnett’s writing together.


Cotler has divided the recipe book into sections that fit with the novel and would really make perfect extension activities to a lesson plan for the classroom or at home. Each section includes a bit of history from the era of the story, beautiful illustrations, and a quote from the book that fits with the recipes. The offerings include:

Yorkshire Breakfasts

A Manor Lunch

An English Tea

From the Kitchen Garden

Dickson’s Cottage Food

A Taste of India

Garden Picnics


I was most drawn to the recipes for An English Tea, as Cotler provides instructions for a Proper Pot of tea and Warm Cranberry Scones With Orange Glaze. The instructions were simple and and easy to follow, providing some tasty results. Definitely a book that will inspire some young chefs to create some of the food featured in the story.

If you, or someone you know, is a fan of The Secret Garden, this is one book to add to your collection. It is such a pretty book that is packed full of interesting information and food ideas to accompany the story. It will help make the wait for the new film a little bit easier as well!

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Author23 books86 followers

August 24, 2012

An unexpectedly deep look at some tough subjects for a juvenile cookbook. Cotler starts things right off the bat admitting that the Secret Garden takes place in a Never-Never Land version of England, addressing the fact that the Industrial Revolution left the country with some serious social issues, among them, poverty and starvation. Also, classism was a wee bit of a problem.

The book includes histories about different foods, recipes for all occasions, discussions of who ate what and when, where the food was coming from, and what menus were typical for different age and social groups. Cotler gets into how the foods tie into the themes of the book of growth and health as well as covering the fact that the foods all represent a cuisine that is not just British but distinctly Yorkshire in its flavor, with discussion on that particular culture.

Then, in a completely unexpected bonus at the end, she includes some British-Indian dishes while discussing the oppressive colonialism that lead to some opportunitive cuisine.

My one point of disagreement was the fact she is so insistent The Secret Garden is set in the late Victorian age, while I would argue (admitting perhaps to influence from some of the film adaptions) that the book has a much more Edwardian feel to it.

Hoping to try my hand at ‘summer pudding’ this weekend. :-)

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Beth Cato

Author117 books611 followers

November 22, 2019

I read this cookbook courtesy of the publisher, via Netgalley.

I ADORE bookish cookbooks, and this one is 1) based on one of my favorite childhood books, 2) highlights recipes from one of my favorite places on the planet (which I visited in person this year!), Yorkshire, 3) incorporates loads of interesting historical and cultural anecdotes along with relevant book excerpts, and 4) does this all in a gentle, breezy tone that is perfect for middle grade readers AND adults to enjoy.

I really wish this book had existed when I was about 11 and reading Frances Hodgon Burnett's books. I can imagine reading this cookbook and trying out the recipes with my mom or grandma!

The very organization of the book is educational, especially for kids, with sections on Yorkshire breakfasts, manor lunches, English teas, kitchen gardens, cottage food, Indian dishes, and garden picnics. I want to try a number of recipes. I've made Parkin before, but the version in this book looks very good--and doesn't need golden syrup, which is great, as it's hard and/or expensive to get in America. I also have my eye on the Jam Roly-Poly, and Cornish Pasties, and others.

This is the kind of cookbook that's fun and informative to read, even though I have yet to give the recipes a try.

    2019 cookbook netgalley


1,062 reviews200 followers

March 2, 2020

This is a beautiful cookbook that is centered around the book "The Secret Garden". The book contains snippets from the "The Secret Garden" and has history from those times. The recipes are explained by the history of the era. There was a lot of information about the food of the time. The recipes were quite interesting and often for food I have only read about in books. It was quite interesting to see the actual food.
The recipes seemed quite labor intensive to me and I know understand why they had cooking staffs. They needed them to make the food. There are only a few recipes I will even try. The gingerbread looks quite tasty and manageable. The lemon tarts look good but seemed to take more work than I am willing or able to do. I need a kitchen staff. A lot of the recipes require stuff that I don't have on hand like rings to make crumpets.
The book is still lovely and quite interesting to read. I really enjoyed it and will keep it as one of those special books and hope that I find a kitchen staff to make it for me.

Natalie all_books_great_and_small

2,356 reviews99 followers

November 27, 2019

I received an ARC of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

I loved The Secret Garden as a child and still adore it today, so I jumped at the chance to read this Secret Garden cookbook! And what a gorgeous traditional cookery book it is! This book would make a beautiful addition to any cookery book collections or shabby chic kitchens!
I love how each section of the book tells you information about things back in the victorian times such as the foods they ate, how they cooked the food/meals they made and also how they served it.
Some recipies are simple and some a little more complex, and I loved how it also included some Indian dishes and simple picnic foods aswell.
Honestly, this book is beautiful and I'm so glad to have been given the chance to read and review it.


225 reviews14 followers

December 10, 2019

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group - Harvard Common Press for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Amy Cotler's 'The Secret Garden Cookbook' is a collection of classic English recipes (jam roly poly, crumpets, Cornish pasties etc.), ideas for breakfast, lunch, picnics and afternoon tea, and even a 'Taste of India' section (mango chutney, fruit lassi etc.) that transport you to the kitchens at Misselthwaite Manor.

My first thought was that this book would make a great gift! It's perfect for anglophiles, book nerds, and anyone that loves The Secret Garden or as a not-so-guilty pleasure gift to buy for yourself. The photos of garden scenes and illustrations of robins, plants, and garden tools are adorable and I would proudly display it as a coffee table book. I would describe the book as charming, cozy, and joyful. The design, especially the photographs, are clean and fresh and have a calming effect.


537 reviews3 followers

July 16, 2018

If you loved _The Secret Garden_, you will love this book as it brings back to life Dikon's family and Mistlewaite Manor house through food traditions and recipes from the 19th C. Readers get a look into what Dikon's family would have eaten in comparison to Colin's family. Many anecdotes about Victorian era eating and gardening traditions are included. There is even a section on the foods Mary would have enjoyed while she was living in India- the combining of English and foods of India. Think coriander, curry, bacon pancakes. I read this book with a friend from England, so she was able to explain and talk about many of the dishes that to American readers might be new such as Stotty Cake, Tattie Broth, Oatcakes, Welsh Rabbitt, Roly Polys, and more. Lovingly illustrated - a must for _The Secret Garden_ and food fans.


Dawn Wells

763 reviews12 followers

November 21, 2019

Love all the Victorian anecdotes. Such a fun cookbook to read and enjoy. Who doesn’t remember the secret garden. Cute cookbook

2,634 reviews108 followers

January 12, 2020

Such a beautiful cook book, each page invites you in and makes you want to try all the recipes. As a huge fan of the secret garden I was so interested to read this and I really wasn’t disappointed at all. Recipes are well presented, easy to follow with very clear instructions. It’s broken down into chapters that include areas such as Yorkshire Breakfasts, A Manor Lunch, An English Tea and From the Kitchen Garden plus more. This book and recipe really emote the world of a Secret Garden and if you’re a fan I really recommend this, if you’re not a fan it’s still a really great attractive cook book.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion

Denice Langley

3,272 reviews31 followers

December 13, 2019

The Secret Garden was one of my favorite books when I was younger, and one of my daughter's favorites at the same age. The original book has enchanted several generations. My nieces were my chosen helpers when testing these recipes. They found all of them easy to follow with great results and thoroughly enjoyed my version of the original story, taking both recipes and my well loved copy of the book home to try more. This cookbook helped make some very good memories in this household. Try it yourself and see how many smiles you can make!


581 reviews36 followers

December 13, 2019

This is a charming cookbook with some really sweet illustrations and some fun recipes to try. The recipes are clear and easy to follow, so it will not be too problematic trying them.

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Brindi Michele

3,569 reviews51 followers

August 21, 2019

This is such a great companion to the book! I wish I had this when I was first introduced to the magical Secret Garden. I can't wait to share this with my kids one day, and try out the recipes of the time period. These look delicious!

And I also like how the author ties in the book with chapter snippets, as well as noting various things from the Victorian Era. Fun and informative!

(This would also be a great book club read for youth at the library. As a once, or twice, a month program where we read a little bit and then do activities beyond the book, like try out a few of these recipes, craft, and garden.)

    classics cooking-baking favorites-ys

Juli Anna

2,724 reviews

February 4, 2021

An exemplary children's literary cookbook. Recipes are historically appropriate, and yet palatable, with a particular emphasis on Yorkshire's regional cuisine. Simple and lovely illustrations throughout, solid historical background and textual excerpts. My only quibble is the lack of bibliography/further reading!



668 reviews17 followers

January 21, 2020

This cookbook is a delight and inspired our menu for our book club discussion. If you're a fan of cooking or The Secret Garden, you'll love it.

    book-club-classic books-i-own

Beth Tabler

Author9 books184 followers

May 21, 2020

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my open and honest review.

This book now sits proudly on my cookbook shelf. I liked the e-book version of this book so much that I had to have a physical copy. All I know is that all my favorite books should have to put out a mandatory cookbook. I know this doesn't make sense financially, but that's the new rule.

This book is lovely. Beautiful illustrations, fantastic recipes reminiscent of the story, and gorgeous pictures. It has everything one could want, I tested out the famous Toffee Pudding recipe on page 32. I hear great things about this recipe on British cooking shows but had yet to try it. It was delicious and every bit as wonderful as it is purported to be.

If you are a cookbook aficionado like myself, you will seriously dig this book.


3,844 reviews70 followers

December 25, 2019

Originally published on my blog: Nonstop Reader.

The Secret Garden Cookbook is a recipe collection and cookbook tie-in to Burnett's classic story. Originally published in 1999 this reformat and re-release, due out 14 Jan 2020 from Quarto on their Harvard Common Press imprint, it's 112 pages and will be available in hardcover format.

This is a beautifully illustrated homage to good food and the settings and characters from the book.

The recipes are grouped by category: Yorkshire breakfasts, manor lunches, English tea, kitchen garden, Dickon's cottage food, taste of India, and garden picnics. The book is lavishly and appealingly illustrated with large clear recipe and serving photographs. Each of the recipes includes yields, prep and cooking time, ingredients (including metric measurements, yay!), a short description, and step by step instructions.

There's a comprehensive index at the end with cross-linked recipes. The author's writing style is homey and friendly and for readers who like some culture with their cookbooks, this one has a very classic and nostalgic feeling. There's a lot of comfort and hospitality as well as quotes from The Secret Garden in hand illustrated whimsical sidebars scattered throughout.

Five stars for lovers of Victorian English cooking and for lovers of the original book. The recipes are not overly fancy or difficult, they're heirloom recipes.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.



178 reviews3 followers

December 20, 2019

The Secret Garden Cookbook promises to bring to life the food from the classic children's book of the same name written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The majority of the recipes seem quite easy, there are fifty in total spread across beautiful and simple designs.

Some of the food is directly mentioned in the book where as Cotler has also added food that would have been eaten at the time and not just by Mary Lennox or Colin but by their poorer friend Dickon. You would think this almost enough to fill fifty pages but then Cotler does one better and also includes recipes from English ruled India. Here Cotler shows what Mary would have eaten while growing up in India.

I chose this book for one reason I wonted to decide if it was something my "The Secret Garden" obsessed sister would like. I had not even reached the first recipe when I knew that I would be buying this book for her when it comes out.

Filled with a robin, gingham and flower design it is already beautiful add to it the pictures of the food created then it also becomes a salivating display.

I will admit that I was glad to realize that Welsh Rabbit was not an actual Rabbit. And also in the text Irish stew made an appearance so I was glad we were represented.

Having watched the movie only I can see that I missed out on what a big part food was in the book, almost as important as the garden it's self. This is down to Cotler's writing, not only did this book include recipes but also quotes from the book that show how the food and characters related to each other or even how it showed their social statues.

As if all this was not reason enough to love this "Cookbook" Cotler did more, where relevant she has gone in to detail about what real Victorian life was like. Little notes here and there also add atmosphere to what should be referred to as a book.

This is much more than "Mix together until" or "Put in the oven at" this IS a story. I expected a cookbook and got a crash course in The Secret Garden.

Though I'm not a novice at cooking I can not wait to try the easy to follow recipes over Christmas. And now I know what I'll be getting my sister as an Easter present.

Alexandra Consolver

552 reviews15 followers

February 24, 2020

Full Review:

4 Stars - I recommend if you enjoy cookbooks and classic novels.

A cookbook with recipes and tibits from the time period of The Secret Garden. AUTHOR has spent time researching the foods mentioned in the book, and cookbooks written during the time period to share similar recipes to the ones Mary, Colin, and Dikon would have enjoyed. She also includes an entire section on Indian food and Anglo-Indian food as during this time period India was colonized by England. Some of the recipes are updated versions for modern cooks, while others are fairly true to their original recipes.

The cover drew me to this cookbook. The illustrations are absolutely darling, and made me want to dive back into the world of the The Secret Garden. I was especially excited to read this one after enjoying The Little Women Cookbook so much! I love that the author of this book did a lot of research related to not only which dishes were mentioned in the book The Secret Garden, but also into recipes from cookbooks written in that time period. While some of the recipes are updated for modern cooks and palates, some are also fairly true to their original versions. I loved learning more about the world during the time of the book through tidbits of history and every day life that were shared in these pages. I also enjoyed that she talks a lot about the history of colonizing India and how that influenced both the book but also the culinary history of England. The excerpts from The Secret Garden containing the particular dishes were also so sweet and brought a lot of nostalgia to the cookbook. I think that flipping through this lovely book will definitely inspire readers to have an Anglo-Indian tea or classic English breakfast of their own. From recipes for English crumpets, to fresh mango chutney, Welsh rabbit, and Cornish pasties this book has many tempting recipes. I will definitely be picking up a copy of this for my own shelves after it publishes on 1/14/20.

Right After Reading:

This is very cute and interesting. Full review to come.

    arc cookbooks netgalley-read


10.4k reviews441 followers

May 22, 2020

Lovely book. Wonderful information about the setting of the classic novel... perfect companion to it, or even a good history book on its own. The recipes, eh, well, I'll never make anything so plain but also heavy in refined carbs as the majority of them... but there are some Indian recipes that look good! I am reminded of cucumber tea sandwiches... I remember them from childhood in Wisconsin, with Miracle Whip dressing instead of butter, though.

Another excellent companion to the novel is Inside the Secret Garden: A Treasury of Crafts, Recipes, and Activities, which is also avl. on Open Library.


701 reviews21 followers

May 31, 2020

This is a charming book of traditional British recipes. It also explains the overall conditions of Victorian England and the vast diffferences in diet between socioeconomic classes. It would be a great addition to reading The Secret Garden for a classroom or homeschool, or a nice gift for a child who enjoyed the classic book. Beautiful illustrations and easy to understand recipes make it appropriate for all ages.

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for a digital ARC for the purpose of an unbiased review.

    connections cookbook ng


899 reviews18 followers

December 29, 2019

Great for those who love the book organizer the author. Some nice English recipes and nice images. Quotes from book placed and other tips and info with recipe. Nice recipes to look at and make.

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