Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (2024)


by Jessica September 1, 2012

Okay party people.

I’ve spent countless hours scouring the web this week for what I think are some of the *best* recipes for football season. Some are from me… some are from my internet friends… and some are from people I creepily stalk. Most of these recipes can work regardless if it’s just you, yourself and you, you and a friend, you and your family of four, or you and your party of 20. Just adjust accordingly. Many of us have the same taste buds, some of us don’t. Feel free to link your favorites in the comments and tell me what YOU think the best football food is.

You know how much I love to overwhelm you.

Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (1)



loaded baked potato dip

caramelized onion greek yogurt dip

hot blueberry cheddar dip

warm roasted garlic and white bean hummus

hot + cheesy caramelized corn dip

baked cauliflower dip

warm tomato basil dip

black bean fiesta dip

hot and cheesy roasted red pepper dip

buffalo chicken dip

avocado hummus

jalapeño popper dip

kicked up spinach dip

toasted almond parmesan dip

creamy feta dip with jalapenos

white pizza dip

Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (2)

Snacky Foods (that aren’t dips)

homemade buffalo wing sauce

pizza pretzel bites

sticky lime grilled chicken wings

baked potato skins

bean and avocado tortilla cups

spicy caramel bacon popcorn

sweet and spicy grilled wings

crispy onion straws

baked parmesan chicken fries

mini pretzel dogs

walking tacos

honey sriracha chicken wings

greek salad skewers

bbq chicken quesadillas

asian caramel chicken wings

nacho fries

fried pickles with spicy ranch

bacon and pecorino popcorn

turkey sloppy joe sliders

sticky thai chicken wings

goat cheese stuffed dates

co*cktail meatballs

pizza stuffed mushrooms

kahlua baked brie

smoked paprika almonds

sweet + sticky baked drumsticks

bake bourbon buffalo wings

Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (3)

Bready Stuff

cheddar tailgating bread

beer bread

garlic cheese rosemary bread

cheesy tomato bread

cheesy puff pull apart bread

monkey bread muffins

pizza swirl bread

cheesy artichoke french breads

soft pretzel rolls

Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (4)

A big pot of chili! Or soup.

white chicken chili

30 minute buffalo chicken soup

vegetarian sweet potato chili

easy tortilla soup

super hearty chili

loaded baked sweet potato soup

mini chicken meatball soup

smoky white bean chicken chili

Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (5)

Main Dishes

BBQ portobello sliders

hot dogs 3 ways

garlic bread pizza crust

sticky balsamic ribs

minestrone pot pie with whole wheat parm biscuits

crockpot cheddar beer chicken tacos

southern style pork tenderloin

chili cheddar cornbread bake

baked buffalo chicken pasta

crockpot beer carnitas

homemade frozen pizzas

homemade BBQ sauce

homemade cola BBQ sauce

crispy chicken skewers


chicken pot pie

asian turkey burgers with spicy lime mayo

creamy caprese pasta

BBQ chicken enchiladas

sweet and spicy crockpot ribs

easy double bean burgers with avocado basil cream

buffalo chicken meatball subs

slow cooker hoisin shredded chicken with asian slaw

baked parmesan spaghetti

BBQ chickpea pizza

crockpot BBQ beer chicken

roasted butternut, sweet potato whole wheat lasagna

bite sized baked meatballs

jalapeno popper pizza

buffalo chicken enchiladas

cilantro chicken

stovetop BBQ chicken shells and cheese

cheesy stuffed meatball sliders

gourmet chili dogs

shrimp burgers with chipotle cream

crockpot beer carnitas tacos

BBQ chicken burgers

stuffed peppers with tomato basil cream

roasted butternut baked penne

thai beef tacos

crockpot beef carnitas

bacon wrapped hot dogs

slow cooker french dip sandwiches

Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (6)

On the side

marinated tomato and burrata salad

pierogi casserole

crispy baked french fries

4 cheese skillet macaroni

beer mac and cheese

beer soaked fries

crispy parmesan potato puffs

frito pie

crispy sweet potato fries with basil salt and lemon garlic dipping sauce

crockpot bourbon bacon baked beans

healthy crunchy onion rings

green bean mushroom casserole

herb crusted sweet potato bites

oven crispy parmesan sage truffle fries

roasted potatoes to change your life

Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (7)


pumpkin pie popsicles

cider rum punch

chocolate dipped beer marshmallows

candy bar caramel corn

pumpkin coffee cake

homemade snickers bars

bourbon pumpkin pie milkshakes

healthy peanut butter cookies

better than crack brownies

apple cider margaritas

pumpkin cookies with brown butter frosting

oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies

grown up hot chocolate

chocolate chip oreo fudge brownie bars

bourbon pecan pie brownies

Annnnnd done.

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  2. Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (9)

    Olga Reply

    I just wanted to extend the biggest “thank you” to you for this list. I had absolutely no idea what to maks for the Super Bowl this upcoming weekend, but I have plenty of ideas now.
    Thank you so so much for all your time and effort on this huge list of ideas!!! :)

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  4. Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (10)

    Rebecca {Foodie with Family} Reply

    You, my dear, are a temptress. What a list! I’m so hungry now I could eat my left leg. Thank you for including my Cheddar Tailgating Bread in such a fabulous round-up! Ya know what I want desperately? Your White Pizza dip with it. Amen.

  5. Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (11)

    The Style Sisters Reply

    My daughter made these adorable and simple football cupcakes! The footballs are made out of chocolate dipped strawberries! Come check them out.

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  7. Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (12)

    Julia Kent @ The Domestic Blonde Reply

    Another round-up that is super great for football season!
    Honestly, I hate football… I just love food!

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  9. Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (13)

    marla Reply

    Quite the AMAZING list my friend! It would take me a lifetime to try them all & I’m OK with that.

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    unreadable lt turquoise on white is too hard to see

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  29. Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (15)

    low carb diets Reply

    Incredible list!
    I so needed this list of super tasty recipes this season, thank you!

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  33. Football Food! [135 Recipes for Football Season.] (16)

    Adnan Reply

    Football fans must know about this recipe. I will try loaded baked potato dip

    Thanks for share this post

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